Safety Sign Applications:

Industrial Safety Signs for the Workplace
Safety signs and labels are required in workplaces, such as factories and manufacturing companies, to ensure the well-being of employees and its visitors.
Public and Private Facilities and Buildings
Hotels, Restaurants and Social Gathering Locations
Marine Safety Signs and Symbols at Sea (IMO Signs & Labels)

Safety Signs and Symbols

Our company with more than 40 years of experience, produces Safety Signs both for domestic use and for worldwide exporting.

*** Security signs save lives as they are the last line of defense - before anyone is injured. ***

Keep employees safe and comply with OSHA safety standards. Security signals help you comply with safety regulations, alert employees to potential hazards and promote a safer workplace. They are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and messages.

Promoting safety in the workplace

More than ever today with the COVID-19 danger in our lives, one understands the importance of proper signage in locations where there are numerous employees and visitors.

Safety Signs  remind employees and visitors of the risks and rules to comply associated with the general safety such as the rules of hygiene due to Coronavirus, fire hazards, electrical equipment, machinery, high temperatures and general hygiene rules. Remind your staff to prioritize security with a wide range of signs and stickers. Choose from different materials, sizes and security messages to visually enhance security.

Custom security labels and signs

Can't find what you're looking for? Because we are the manufacturer, we can also customize your security stickers to suit your specific requirements.
Custom printing of health and safety stickers and signs means you can customize health and safety labels and warning messages to your exact needs. Make sure they have the appropriate text,size and images for the situation in which they are to be used.

A custom label or sign has a big impact - it aims to address your specific concerns and the dangers of your environment. You can send the exact message that will have the greatest impact. We offer the best prices for customized printing, for large wholesale quantities.

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