Reverse Printed Stickers

Window Clings

Put your own message and graphics on a window cling for stunning shop window promotions. Seeing an impressive, full-color window cling brings customers into your store. 

Your window space is a great advertising opportunity. Custom window decals, window stickers, and window clings are each an attractive and practical method for capitalizing on your window space. Share your message with the world. Window decals come in a variety of standard formats and we are able to produce custom decals fit your requirements.

Available in both small and larger formats, our window decals are perfect for storefront windows, point of purchase displays, mirrors, vehicle windows, glass displays, and glass tables. All of our window decals can be modified with low-tac adhesive for easy repositioning, or we can apply a more permanent glue option. Easy to install and remove, your PFL window decals are a perfect addition to your advertising efforts.

These window graphics are great for application onto the inside of windows, for viewing outside. The image is reverse printed onto a clear self adhesive film, and an opaque white film is applied. The result is a self adhesive graphic which has the adhesive to the face of the graphic, allowing you to apply the graphic to the inside of a window, and view from outside.

Perfect for retail window graphics, car window stickers, bus stops and anything in between. These graphics can be contour cut to a shape if required or just square cut to the size of your choice. 


Applications & Features

  • Retail Window Graphics and Promotions
  • Vehicle Window Signage
  • Bus Stop Promotions
  • Designed to be stuck on the inside of windows
  • Great at remaining bright, vibrant and clean
  • Ideal for shop windows, large or small

Draw in those passing by your business with eye-catching, custom made window stickers. With so much advertising being done online, people forget one of their most visible spaces in which they can gain traction: their store windows! Custom window stickers are both cost effective and easy to apply, not to mention a proven way to garner direct awareness on new specials, services, or general educations surrounding your business. To give your office, retail store, or any other premises your business calls home, the best possible chance at attracting new customers, you need to make your advertising loud and enticing.

 Why choose us for your Reverse Printed Window Stickers?

There are many applications for custom stickers, yet just as design is important to be handled by professional, so should production, as it guarantees are finished product your business can rely on. Our reverse window stickers are printed in reverse on clear vinyl with a white over print to ensure that your sticker is vivid and bright, and also so we are able to use white in your design. Reverse printed stickers allow you to stick your sticker on the inside of a window or glass panel and be viewed from the outside. This stops people vandalising or peeling off your sticker. The inclusion of self-levelling film works towards eliminating air bubbles, but even though it sticks perfectly flat, they are also easy to remove when you wish to replace them. Our team are more than happy to discuss with you the best materials and strategies to tailor your sticker towards its message, whether that be to promote a business practise or a simple call to action.

Window stickers are also known as reversed stickers, auto stickers and double-sided stickers. These great products are used frequently in the automotive industry, particularly as car service stickers.
They are perfect for advertising, and you can easily write on them too, allowing you to record important information on the back. There are plenty of shape and size options, the possibilities are endless, really you just have to ask. At EFAN we truly care for our customers, so you can be sure there are no hidden fees when you order from us, and that we give you the best deal possible.


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