PVC Self Adhesive Vinyls

Screen and Digital Printing

PVC Stickers can be printed either with Silk Screen printing or with Digital Wide Format Printers. Each technique has its advantages and the selection depends on the desired result and the particularity of the specific printjob in question.

The Future of Screen Printing

While other technologies have made their way into the commercial printing industry, screen printing is here to stay. The centuries-old technology remains popular in its traditional applications, such as garment and sign printing, and new uses for screen printing in technology, medicine and other fields continue are developed all the time. 

PVC Self Adhesive vinyls are flexible, waterproof and durable with impressive results for professional and personal use with countless applications. It is usually used to create external and internal graphics for advertising or labeling. Vinyl stickers can be applied to almost any surface, making them one of the most flexible marketing and advertising options.

Uv Screen Printing

UV inks are used to print on smooth surfaces. UV inks are commonly used in screen printing for stickers, decals, pvc signs, nameplates, signage, CDs, metal decoration, container decoration and automotive artwork, as well as for industrial applications. In Screen Printing Special Effects Ultra-Violet (UV) Curing inks can be used to offer your printings a stunning Eye-catching effect.

Some of the most popular special effect inks are:
  • Glitter Varnishes
  • Metallic
  • Tactile varnishes
  • Gloss & Matt Varnishes
  • Hammer effect varnishes
  • Structured Varnishes
  • Liquid Silver
  • Gold
  • Security Inks
  • Daylight Active
  • Phosphorescent
  • Rub removable inks
  • Water removable inks
  • Heat Activated inks
  • Blackboard inks
  • Abrasive inks
  • Perfumed Inks
  • Multiple effects
  • ...and much more

Characteristics of Media


The permanent self adhesive vinyl has a strong waterproof adhesive that means that if glued to a clean glossy surface it will stay there forever! However, it can be carefully removed without debris if necessary.

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