Floor Graphics Vinyls

The floor is the limit when you order brilliant floor graphics to turn what’s beneath your feet into advertising or signage space! Our self-adhesive vinyl floor graphics have a non-slip grain-textured finish in compliance with safety regulations and are scuff and scratch resistant (even from high heels and in high traffic areas) and will last up to 12 months. Printed using high definition print and premium ink, they almost look too good to stand on. They are incredibly easy to apply, are wipe-clean and can be easily removed without damaging your floor.

Tips For Floor Graphic Printing

Floor graphics are suitable for use on most finished floors including wood, laminate, concrete and tile. They are a great way to spruce up a plain floor, or disguise floors that are past their best such as old linoleum or scratched wooded floors. 

Used in retail premises, high-impact floor graphics attract the attention of shoppers and are a great form of in-store advertising for your retail customers. Also popular in museums, nightclubs, shopping malls, airports and exhibition halls, self-adhesive vinyl floor graphics are non-slip, durable and easy to apply. The simplicity of floor graphics means endless promotional opportunities for your customers.

  • Durable vinyl material with removable or permanent adhesive backing for hard surface floor

  • Special vinyl with carpet-friendly adhesive is available

  • Easy peel-and-stick installation

  • Non-slip scuff-resistant lamination improves safety and durability

  • Die-cut to any shape using your electronic die-line


Floor graphics are a unique way to optimize your space and grab the attention of customers to guide them to specific places or feature offers. Use SEAL Print Shield® Floor Guard® and Floor Guard® laminates for durability, rich texture, and scuff resistance. To ensure foot traffic safety, these SEAL laminates use face films with a UL approved “no-slip” surface.


Ways to Use Custom Floor Decals

Printed floor decals are a versatile solution that can be used for events, in offices, outdoors and more! Print text, graphics, or your logo and capture the attention of your customers in an unexpected way.


Print eye-catching floor logo graphics for your lobby or elevators and build a professional environment for employees and clients.


Direct customers to your storefront or through your event space. Provide necessary directional information to navigate your building.


Build an interactive marketing campaign with large floor graphics! Great for branded activations, pop-ups and more.


Hosting a big event or attending an important tradeshow? Floor decals are an easy way to enhance your venue or booth.


Indoor & Outdoor Options available

Vinyl floor graphics are available in materials suited to both indoor and outdoor use.

Indoor Floor Decals

Indoor floor decals are easy to install and are available in repositionable and low-tack materials for easy removal – a great solution for temporary installations. Slip-resistant textures ensure a safe environment for all.

Outdoor Floor Decals

Outdoor floor decals are printed on materials that can adhere to rough surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt. These materials are durable enough to stand up to the elements and other wear and tear.

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