Double-Sided Stickers

One sticker, two advertising surfaces! Print both the sticker itself and the reverse of the backing sheet. Perfect as promotional gifts, events and any kind of advertising.

Double sided labels have your information or design printed on both the front and backside of the label or sticker. An excellent way to maximize space in your business! Create your own custom double sided labels and stickers for your store front windows and doors, vehicle, or product packaging today!

Our double sided vinyl decals are Screen printed in full color on gloss white vinyl. With double the visibility, our decals are a solid choice for areas that see a lot of in and out traffic. Great for directional graphics (e.g., Push, Pull, Exit/Entrance, etc.), but also great for advertising, ensuring your customers see what you need them to whether they're coming or going.

Our double-sided stickers are printed on the front and on the adhesive back side. These are perfect for use on clear surfaces, like windows and glass to show your printed message from both sides. The decals are quite thick making them easy to handle and stick.

Optionally, we offer contour die cutting to cut your decal into ovals and circles, as well as to any custom single shapeMaximize exposure with two-sided stickers that will show your design on both sides when applied to clear surfaces.

Perfect for alarm companies, window stickers, car stickers etc

Printed on both sides, both full color digital and screen printing available. Popular in the alarm industry and in-store advertising . Slightly thicker and more rigid vinyl of a very high quality. This is completely solid and opaque so no ink or light can pass through from either side.


Available shapes

By default, this product comes cut into individual rectangular shapes staggered on a sheet of vinyl.

Optionally, you can choose to have it cut into the following shapes:

- Ovals
- Circles
- Custom-cut shapes


Like most hand-printing methods, screen printing has a very distinctive look.  Even though the surface is flat, the velvety finish and extreme vibrancy of the ink cannot be replicated with any other technique.  Screen printing can also be used on a variety of surfaces, so anything that has a flat surface can be printed; paper, chip board, fabrics, wood, leather and metal are all viable candidates!


Screen Printing is a type of stencil printing, where ink passes through a fabric or mesh screen. These screens are made from thin fabrics, traditionally silk but nowadays usually a synthetic alternative, which is stretched tightly over a metal or wood frame. It can be used to print onto a flat surfaces, including other fabrics, papers, metals or wood; and is a process commonly used in printmaking, graphic design and textiles.


The idea behind screenprinting is to block out or make impermeable the areas that you don't want to be printed. Ink or paint is then forced through the rest of the screen with a rubber blade, known as a squeegee onto the surface you want to print onto. The stencil can be created by applying an adhesive film (like vinyl or tape) or paper, painting onto it using ‘screen blockers’ (glue, lacquer) or by coating the screen with a light-sensitive emulsion which is then developed as a photograph.


Screen printing can be used to apply ink to any flat surface, although the smoother the surface the better the results. Fabric and paper are the most commonly screen printed surfaces, although wood, glass, perspex and metal are also options. Screen printing is favoured as a printing method due to the tactile nature of the resulting print and the saturated colours that it creates with ink. It's very difficult to get the same depth and intensity of colour when printing digitally.

Window Cling

Put your own message and graphics on a window cling for stunning shop window promotions. Seeing an impressive, full-color window cling brings customers into your store. 

Your window space is a great advertising opportunity. Custom window decals, window stickers, and window clings are each an attractive and practical method for capitalizing on your window space. Share your message with the world. Window decals come in a variety of standard formats and we are able to produce custom decals fit your requirements.

Available in both small and larger formats, our window decals are perfect for storefront windows, point of purchase displays, mirrors, vehicle windows, glass displays, and glass tables. All of our window decals can be modified with low-tac adhesive for easy repositioning, or we can apply a more permanent glue option. Easy to install and remove, your window decals are a perfect addition to your advertising efforts.

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