Bubble Free Self Adhesive Vinyl

 Bubble Free Stickers: applying adhesives has never been so easy!

Applying adhesives can be an onerous and time-consuming task. Not so with Bubble Free films. The innovative Bubble Free technology ensures a carefree application and makes repositioning easy so there’s no need to worry if you don’t get it right the first time.

Bye-bye, bubbles and wrinkles!

Applying Bubble Free films is easy and – perhaps most important of all – ensures a flawless result. Thanks to the special microstructure of the adhesive coating, the result is completely wrinkle and bubble free. Perfection is now within reach, and our Bubble Free films can even be applied up to 50 percent faster than with other adhesives.


Original and impeccable finishes

Damaged or outdated graphics that have been coated with a Bubble Free finish are easy to remove and replace. What’s more, you don’t even have to wield a cutter anymore when applying the adhesive, because there simply aren’t any bubbles to pierce. This drastically reduces the risk of damaging substrates such as car paint.


Compatible with digital printing

Bubble Free films are the go-to option for large windows, slightly curved surfaces, indoor and outdoor illuminated signs, … whether you want a transparent, white or even frosted finish. Are you planning on decorating a convex or concave substrate, or doing a full 3D wrap? Bubble Free film is perfect for the job, always creating a smooth surface.


How to apply Bubble Free film

We recommend you to thoroughly clean the substrate to remove any dust, grease or silicone before applying the adhesive, using an isopropyl alcohol based solution. For an impeccable result, keep in mind that low temperatures make it harder for Bubble Free film to stick.


Self-adhesive vinyl is a versatile material that can be used to make vibrant designs, images, signs and logos for business and personal use. Its used to create outdoor and indoor graphics for advertising, for windows, walls and other decorations. Self-adhesive vinyl can be applied to any hard, smooth, flat surface such as windows, glass, plastic, metal, and painted wood.



  • Point of Sales advertisings
  • Interior and Exterior advertising 
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Promotional vehicle/window Signs and Graphics
  • Building walls and Window display (Shopping malls, offices, airports, restaurants, etc)
  • Removable sticker decorations for walls
  • Interior decoration

Can be used for printable car wrapping as well

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