Special Effects Inks for Screen Printing

Stimulate the senses and add a further dimension to printed work with Screen-Printing Special Effects Inks.

Printed images can be enhanced by using Screen Printed Special Effects Inks which can be seen, felt and smelt. The screen printing process is able to produce a number of different Specia effects, such as gloss varnishes, matt varnishes, textured and structured varnishes with different degrees of roughness.

Both hard and soft varnishes can be used. Depending on varnish types it is also possible for them to be coloured.

Most special effects are produced with Ultra Violet UV Curing screen printing inks. 

Special Effects Inks for Screen Printing

Tactile Varnishes
Tactile inks are normally UV curing inks and as such they are 100% solids. When the ink cures it maintains the wet film thickness as a solid. The wet film thickness is determined by the screen mesh.

UV curing speeds up processing. Structured varnished are normally printed with meshes of 10 to 20 threads/cm. These transparent thick layers can be cured quickly with UV radiation.
Gloss & Matt Varnishes
Hammer Effect Varnishes
Sructured Varnishes
Pearlescent Inks
Liquid Silver
Tilt Effect (Interference) Inks
Mirror Inks
Multiple Effects
Glitter Varnishes
Perfumed Inks
Ferrous Inks
Fluorescent Inks
Daylight Active Inks
Security Inks
Rub Removable Inks
Phosphorescent Inks
Just Add Water Inks
Water Removable Inks
Heat Activated Inks
Thermic Black Inks
Blackboard Inks
Abrasive Inks

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