Reflective Signs


Traffic Signs

In the recent years there have been many attempts to produce reflective traffic signs using Digital Printing equipment which unfortunately lack the attributes of printing with the Screen Printing method.

Properly printed traffic signs use special transparent inks that allow light to pass and reflect to the drivers.  This makes a red sign during the day look red at night, and a green street name sign continues to look green at night.  It’s often said that the secret is in the ink, but in this case it’s the unique combination of special ink and retroreflective media.

The digitally printed traffic signs may be produced quickly and cheaply and they might look fine during the day, but with the wrong ink it may be unrecognizable at night.  In a few months, it may begin to quickly fade and even change color when exposed to the elements, making even daytime recognition questionable.  When the lights are turned out you can only imagine what are the safety consequences to drivers and pedestrians when this occurs. Everyone’s safety is at risk.

Darkness robs the driver of clues necessary to navigate safely. Retroreflective sheeting makes the invisible, visible at night. 

Reflective Stickers

Reflective vinyls and inks are also widely used for other purposes other than road signs, as this special effect can easily attract customer’s attention whether you are promoting a brand or product.

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