One Way Vision

What is “One Way Vision”?

One Way Vision is a printable perforated self-adhesive vinyl, to display advertising images and graphics.  With One Way Vision, you can apply your advertisement on any window, when looking at the printed side, people will see the advertisement.  But the amazing thing about this film is that from inside behind the window, when looking out, people can see right through the film!

One way vision film is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with up to 50% of the film microperforated to achieve the desired image resolution and one-way visibility. The black (non-imaged) side of the film through which people see maximizes its transparency. Lighting is the final ingredient: For optimum effect, lighting on the graphics side must be brighter than on the non-imaged side.


Why is One Way Vision a great choice?


Simply, because as an advertiser, you will maximise the value of your campaign and attract attention because this film will dominate the crowded advertising landscape.  You can show your advertisement on through a fully wrapped bus or car or even a shop front with the entire facade covered in One Way Vision.

The film can be used on the windows of emergency, utility and delivery vehicles, banks and other financial institutions, airports – on virtually any glass door or window where visibility is important for safety and security.

Perforated One Way Vision film reduces heat and glare from the sun, making it ideal for commercial and residential buildings, retail stores, museums, etc.

How Does One Way Vision Work?

The human eye follows the laws of physics and optics.  For example, the human eye tends to notice brighter colours more than darker colours.  When perforated One Way Vision is printed and applied to a window, the advertisement is made up various colours printed on the white vinyl side of the film.  While the holes, where there is no film, has no ink and therefore is generally darker, almost black.  So when a person looks at the printed image from the outside of the window, they will see the advertisement and it may look like it is on a solid piece of vinyl.

However, when viewed from inside, because the film is black on the adhesive side, and remembering that human eyes will tend to ignore darker colours in favour of brighter colours, a person will see the outside world through the holes during the day.

Therefore by deduction, the larger the holes, the more sun light is shining through.  With more light, means the outside world is more noticeable and the printed image not as vibrant as solid vinyl.  Likewise, if the holes are smaller and there is more vinyl than holes, this would mean less light shining through the holes.  Therefore the outside world is less viewable, but the printed image would be more vibrant.


  • Malls
  • Corporate office
  • High end outlets
  • Shops
  • Hospitals
  • Airport
  • Coffee outlets
  • Food joints
  • Service centers

Benefits of one way vision films

  • Excellent marketing and advertising tool
  • Widely used in moving vehicles like bus, cars etc
  • Hide the office interior day to day activity
  • Durability and long life
  • Increase life of glass frame
  • Can be pasted on normal glass frame no need to buy expensive one way vision glass frame
  • Protect window frame from cracking and scratching

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