Dibond Properties

Extremely flat surface
Dibond composite materials have extremely flat surfaces which allows such materials to be printed and produce superior quality eye-catching signage and advertising products.
Environment friendly


DIBOND is the world's first aluminium composite sheet which is specially fabricated for display. Dibond panels are light, strong and robust, making them very popular as signage and advertising boards and displays where sturdiness and durability is a requirement.   DIBOND is ideally suitable for internal and external applications and can be used for an extraordinary variety of surfaces.

Screen Printing & Digital Printing on Dibond

With 40 years of experience in the printing field, our experise combined with Dibond's high-quality, resilience and unique appearance allows us to produce high-end products with sharp, stunning colours for any lettering and graphics applied to the Dibond panels and boards so you can make a great impression.

DIBOND offers unlimited design freedom to express your individual style. Design your individual decor and our Screen Printing specialists will realise your concept printing directly onto the DIBOND panel of your choice.

Dibond Applications 

♦  Signage

♦  Indoor and Outdoor Advertising

♦  Exhibition areas (as stands and room partitions)

♦  Bus Stops

♦  Gas Stations

♦  Decoration Materials

♦  False-ceilings

♦  Elevator/stair wall facings

♦  Indoor cladding

♦  Industrial applications such as machine cladding, bus interior and train roofing

EFAN is a leading European Screen & Digital Printing company which produces a full range of display and advertising products with more than 65% of its sales exported in 4 Continents Worldwide. EFAN is a reliable partner that offers added value services to customers by assisting in product specification and selection to best suit the needs of the customer's project. 

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