Backlit film is the medium of choice for lightboxes or any application that you’d like to light from behind.

Alone, printed images are displayed with incredibly vibrant colors. But when lit from behind, the print gains maximum saturation and color depth, making graphics POP! By using backlit graphics you get a great way to make advertising messages shine above all others.

Backlight Film is a thin, plastic type material that is ideal for displays that will be seen during the day or at night. Best suited for lightboxes which sandwich the print between acrylic sheets.

We Digitally print in the highest possible resolution on only the best quality film for anything you’d like to illuminate! Our Backlit printing produce stunningly rich and vibrant prints that last 20 times longer than other prints, are scratch and water resistant, and can withstand direct UV sunlight for years to remain bright and vivid.

Backlit prints are perfect for:

  • cosmetics displays
  • shopping mall signs
  • retail shop displays
  • airport signs
  • movie theater boxes
  • menu displays
  • bus stops
  • backlit graphics
  • bus stops 
  • salons and beauty, nail bars
  • large department stores
  • exhibits
  • window presentations

Our backlit film is also viewable during the day as a vibrant reflective print (when backlit illumination is off) – making our film perfect for day and night, lit and unlit applications.

Photographic quality indoor backlit printing for displays and directories are very popular in malls, financial institutions, restaurants, airport backlit displays, trade show exhibits and special events. They are also used on television sets and in stage productions where backlit set pieces are needed. We have several different types of backlit graphics materials to accommodate every type of lighted display and light box graphic, for both indoor and outdoor use and for short or long term display.

Everybody knows banners are a great way to grab attention but in the same time it can be difficult to illuminate it during late hours. But not if you use a back-lit banner.

The backlit vinyl is the perfect solution for lighting your message in the dark or in spaces where the light is not very powerful. The backlit advertising banner has a very high impact on people because the color are extremely vivid and tend to pop more then a regular visible sign.
These custom back-lit banners are specialty fabricated to allow light to shine through the material allowing your customers to view the banner from any direction.
The backlit banners allow business owners the freedom to attract customers towards their storefront day and night and because they are weather resistant can be used year-round.



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