Tobacco Industry

Cigarette printed advertising and promotional strategies in retail outlets

The Business of Point of Sale (PoS)

PoS is a very well established and sophisticated retail marketing function. It is deliberately used in all sectors, including tobacco, to influence both pre-planned and impulsive consumer behaviour. Tobacco is bought in both these ways. Committed smokers will often buy on an habitual basis, but PoS can act as reminder and also stimulate ‘opportunistic purchases’ if a good deal is being flagged up. Would be quitters, on the other hand, can succumb to the temptation of PoS displays and new smokers can be attracted by a display that makes purchase easier and more attractive.

PoS display is a particularly important part of the marketing mix because it comes into play at the place and moment when the actual purchase decision will be made. For tobacco it is also very important because many other forms of promotion have been prohibited.

PoS display is, therefore, a major element of the process by which manufacturers and retailers communicate with and encourage shoppers, even in sectors where other forms of promotion are unregulated. For tobacco, where there are tight controls, it is absolutely vital. It compensates for the loss of other channels such as the mass media;

Traditionally tobacco PoS marketing included an array of advertising, such as branded print materials, printed shop furniture, printed decor– along with the core activity of displaying the product. Such POS materials are either printed using Digital printing or Screen printing method depending on the quantity, material and type of printings.

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