Safety Signs & Marine Industry Signage

Certain printing jobs are called for to fulfill a number of requirements such as the ability to withstand exposure to sun, wind, rain, prolonged periods of time in storage rooms etc. We at EFAN take into account these special needs by offering our clients only the highest quality of products which follow the international high standards.
Today, many products have a unique printed label. These range from the transparent no-label look to prominent labels containing a detailed message to its recipiant. Particularly for premium products, emotive, durable and attractive designs play a vital role and these are best achieved through screen printing. The screen printing method provides excellent opacity, a choice of high-gloss or matt finishes (for attractive results), and exceptional resistance to packaging contents and to mechanical strain - all great reasons to opt for this technology.

IMO Signs & Labels for the Marine Industry

Our company produces and exports worldwide Safety Signs via our online shop:

IMO Signs and Labels

IMO Signs and Labels, or otherwise refered to as IMPA codes are photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyls and rigid PVC that are made to absorb UV radiation or light, and then emit it again once the light source has been removed. This Glow-in-the-Dark effect creates high visibility in the dark, for example for emergency exit signs. These special materials support certain technologies, making them more efficient or even performing their own specific function with extra-long glow time. These IMO Signs are required for the safety of employees and and guests in ships and all the marine sector.

EFAN has had long associations with Companies in the Marine Industry whether for simple plain stickers to very high end display products which have to withstand extreme temperature variations, exposure to salty water and high humidity. We have very good industry links with media vendors which help us access suitable materials for specific applications.


Surfaces in outdoor environments must be extremely durable, light-fast and weather-proof. This applies to many items such as road signs, self adhesive vinyls, infrastructure in public spaces, advertising boards, outdoor printings in locations that vary from a ship to a super market. But in interiors as well, inks are called for to fulfill a number of requirements in terms of resistance and adhesion.

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