Some of the applications of Industrial Screen Printing are:

  • Membrane Switches
  • Control Panels
  • Dials
  • Graphic overlays
  • Outdoor labels including weatherproof & waterpoof labels
  • Harsh environment graphic overlays
  • Industrial labels
  • Product labels
  • Factory and machinery labels
  • Construction tool and equipment labels
  • Hazard and Safety Labels

Printing needs for the Industrial Sector

Screen meets Digital

Our printing solutions unite the strengths of screen and digital printing. This means the best of both worlds. It streamlines and simplifies production, opens up opportunities for customization and enhances cost-efficiency without compromising on quality or other desirable properties.

Membrane Switches

For a memorable message and a great level of comfort and safety electronic
switches and controls must work reliably, be easy to use, and be insensitive to dirt and dampness. When manufacturing membrane switches, all individual elements - inks, films and adhesives - must work in harmony to prevent adverse reactions. With our extensive experience and our comprehensive know-how when it comes to materials and processes , we are at the forefront of innovative developments.

For Perfect Reproducibility every time

Graphic and product designers take colour selection very seriously and have
very precise ideas about how the finished results should look. In order to guarantee
the best quality and maximum reproducibility, we use tools designed specially to meet these high standards. Color management made easy.

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