We have fully embraced the digital age, and we continue to blaze new trails with ambitious projects and cutting-edge technologies, Combining Screen and Digital Printing Produces Results that gets the best of both worlds! Digital printing is becoming increasingly common in industrial applications, it ensures fully reproducible results and makes it possible to frequently switch designs from project to project, without the need for costly and time-consuming machine changeover. However, some applications and requirements usually implemented by screen printing are beyond the capabilities of digital printing. These include excellent coverage, controlled coating thicknesses, very high chemical and mechanical resistance, special-purpose inks and special effects (such as pearlescent, metallic, bronze, mirror or luminescent). It may be necessary to combine screen printing with digital printing methods to meet these needs.

Our company has the unique advantage of having the experience, technology
and knowledge required to offer its customers a combination of these two printing methods, Screen and Digital printing, thus offering a one of a kind result.

Eye catching special effects: Screen printing is particularly effective for creating special effects such as fluorescent or metallic finishes, mother-of-pearl
or textured effects.

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