Silk screen labels are ideal for images requiring thick, opaque ink. They are also weather and abrasion resistant, so they are ideal for outdoor or harsh environment applications.

Screen Printing Advantages:

There are many advantages to silk screen labels. These include:

  • Smooth Ink Coating: The biggest advantage screen printing has over other printing processes is its ability to lay down a smooth, VERY thick coating of ink.
  • Abrasion & Moisture Resistant: Because the ink film thickness is so great this process excels in applications where resistance to weather (outdoors), moisture, abrasion, and chemicals is needed.
  • Opacity: Due to the thickness of the ink, screen printed inks are more opaque than in other printing processes.

Our battery labels are extremely durable, with the ability to withstand the elements whether it is water, acids, salts, oils, grease or solvents.

The high opacity, tear resistant substrates we use for these custom battery labels come with permanent acrylic adhesives that aid in forming a construction. This adhesive is UV resistant and displays excellent weatherability. The materials, inks and adhesives used to create our custom battery labels are unique and stand up to the demands of your application.

These materials, adhesives and inks used to create our custom battery labels are unique and stand up to the demands of your application. Some of those qualities include, flame retardant without releasing toxic halogens, and does not drip (halogen free), they work well in a wide range of temperatures, both high and low, corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, hot acid resistant and are dimensionally stable. They also provide a thermal transfer imprintable quality, are fully recyclable with the batter casing and are electrically non-conductive.

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